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The Canada School of the Public Service is no longer offering retirement seminars. The Retirement Planning Institute (RPI) continues to offer its seminars and is expanding in the Regions.

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June 2020
Message from the Editor
Quick Update on our Successful Webinar Launch
Results of our Reader Survey
Relocating in Retirement
Permanent Insurance – Part 2
Planning for Life in Retirement
Do you have a disabled child or grandchild?
May 2020

Still Working and Need Retirement Planning Info? Sign up for our Retirement Planning Webinars
February 2020
Message from the Editor
Reflections turns 65!
Do you want to live to 100?
Permanent Insurance
From Policy Maker to Change Maker
October 2019
Message from the Editor
Retiring from the federal public service? 
Join the National Association of Federal Retirees.
Why not create?  And why don’t we do it?  The Importance of Creativity in Retirement
Life Insurance: How to use it to protect the actuarial value of your pension
June 2019
Message from the Editor
Cruising the World
To be or not to be useful, is that the right question?
Volunteering with the Ottawa Network for Education
Transfer Value: Part 2
Tips for Volunteers and Leaders of Volunteers

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