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Reader Feedback Survey - Results
1. Do you read Reflections?
Always 128
Sometimes 46
Never 2
2. Which topics are of greatest interest ?
Financial 141
Pension 142
Legal 71
Psychological 72
Health 120
Leisure 88
3. How do you rate Reflections ?
Excellent 60
Very Good 88
Good 28
Fair 0
Poor 0
4. Do you pass it on to others ?
Yes 50
No 126
5. Are you retired ?
Yes 86
No 81
Semi 9
6. What topics would you like to see covered in future editions ?
Responses from English Readers

  • The same....
  • Love reading RPI. FYI, Point number 4 has a typo.
  • Current monthly articles are very interesting and cover a nice range of topics Volunteering, travel and health are of interest
  • An article on udating ones Last Will and Testament. We tend to overlook the importnace of updating our wills (if needed). An article of great interest, particularly for those living in the Ottawa-Gatineau area, we live in Ontario but have cottages on the Quebec side. Does our Ontario Will cover this property? I have heard many arguments that an Ontario will would not stand law for proeprty owned in Quebec.
  • only idea I had was it was best to hire people from various agencies to come back and discuss their first few years of retirement. So if your giving a course for RCMP, hire some RCMP - civilians, Regular member, Public Service - to talk about their experiences.
  • More health subject for 55 and up.
  • Estate preparation; information on what are the advantages or disadvantages to collecting CPP/OAS at 65 or deferring until 70 (not sure if I have used the right terminology)) thank you.
  • People who are afraid to spend their money when they retire and feel they have to keep saving. How to let go and spend your money!
  • Estate planning, how to manage retirement income tax efficiently
  • evidence based info on healthy aging eg from McMaster Optimal Aging Portal, info on value of volunteerism
  • Advice for 40 years before they retire and how to have tax savings ex for the family cottage.
  • How to be a snowbird in various countries within budget and with proper medical coverage.
  • I just want to say that Danielle Ferron's articles resonate with me the most. I always look forward to reading what she has to say on the topics she picks. I value well-written, interesting, balanced articles on the psychology of retirement. I always learn something interesting from her articles.
  • Great publication.
  • Search Results Web results Everything You Need to Know About Trust Funds in Canada www.investopedia.com › ... › Wealth › Trust & Estate Planning Jan 30, 2020 - Though a Canadian trust is not a legal entity, it is considered a taxpayer at the highest rates under Canadian law. What Is a Trust? A trust is ... People also ask Is a trust considered an inheritance? What happens when you inherit money from a trust? Do you have to pay taxes when you inherit money from a trust? How does a trust fund account work? Feedback Web results Options for Paying Adult Beneficiaries Inheritances www.thebalance.com › Budgeting › Estate Planning › Basic Planning There are no issues of control or access. ... Another option is to hold an adult beneficiary's inheritance in a trust fund then pay it out in one or more lump sums in ... What Is a Trust Fund? - The Balance www.thebalance.com › ... › Investing for Beginners › Personal Finance This article will teach you about trust funds and the many benefits of using ... generations inheriting large amounts of wealth that the beneficiaries did not earn. What's the difference between an inheritance and a trust?
  • Danielle Ferron's articles are very insightful and helpful.
  • volunteer opportunities, travel with experiences like Elderhostel and Friendship Force, tips on how to beat the "winter blues" if you don't travel.
  • Being single, but in a positive light. I dread going into retirement single but would love to have different very inspiring examples of happy and fulfilled people living their best life in retirement.
  • It'd be nice to have one article that captures in one piece all the different considerations to keep in mind to ensure a sound financial/legal footing prior to retiring. For example, having a will, the value of your pension, ...
  • Anything that has to do with travel and hobbies.
  • I enjoy reading all topics that appear in your news letter. Keep it going! thank you.
  • Testimonials from other retirees who are enjoying their retirement
  • What people living on their own should be prepared for in retirement. When to apply for OAS and Pension when still working at age 65.
  • A bit more on financial strategies such as decumulation of assets
  • buy back time... all sorts of questions on that topic... in which even my colleagues have hard time answering...
  • Estate planning, budget setting and expense tracking, tips for young people
  • Pros and cons to establishing a rrif before 71
  • Travel, volunteer opportunities
  • No suggestions
  • Insight into health care system Consumer protection/anti-fraud
  • impact of changes to income tax and to pension plans
  • Should a person delay taking CPP until age 70.
  • Une version française?
  • Seniors tax info - i.e. home renovations deductions
  • Tax deferral options!
  • Shorter term retirement Planning options and the reality for people entering the workforce later in life, having little to no retirement savings and who will be likely working only for 10-20 years.
  • retirement and taxes. Retirement and no Doctors?? What can or should we do?
  • The effect on pension income when one relocates to another country (one without winter) in retirement. Examples might include Spain, Malta, Italy.
  • I'd like to know if the Union is doing anything for pensioners
  • Discounts for seniors networking opportunities
  • Opportunities both leisure or volunteer and work in post retirement.
  • RRSP withdrawal strategies, CPP at 60 or 65 (gov't employee retirees)
  • Volunteer opportunities in retirement, travel articles
  • So far so good. :)
  • CPP - take it at 60, 65 or 70. Pros and cons
  • Healthy/active aging.
  • Occasional income tax related topics for retirees
  • examples of part-time jobs for retirees, local success stories of executives who transition to volunteering...
  • Money matters in retirement
  • Retiring to the USA and other countries. Help with accounting and taxation issues
  • Travel
  • information about treatments and/or dealing/living with age-related illnesses
  • All topics in ques 2 above are interesting. I always read all articles.
  • Keep up the good work.
  • Motivation to write a will, and options to reduce taxes to pay then. Is it a good idea to take money out of RRSP every year if have no spouse?
  • keep up the excellent work
  • How to keep busy when retired

Responses from French Readers

  • Solution pour éviter la dépression à la retraite. Aide disponible.
  • J'aime tous les sujets en lien avec la finance.
  • Le décaissement de vos REER et la RRQ à 60 ou 65 ans, pensez-y.
  • Technologie au service des retraités
  • Prendre soin de sa santé et activité à faire à la retraite.
  • Regie des rentes la prendre a 60 ou 65 ans
  • nos capacites intellectuelles en viellissant.
  • le grand âge
  • Vos services.
  • La location d’appartements avec service inclus pour retraités autonomes actifs. Le prix élevé en vaut-il la peine? Ex. Lépine Appartements, Terrasse Francesca
  • Je ne sais pas
  • CPP and OAS
  • Rubrique d'impôt pour les gens du 3 ième âge - aspect juridique, testament, vente de bien immobiliers, etc.